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Samstag 22. Januar 2022 @ 19:30 22:00



Only those who know the ease of a cow while defecating can understand the genesis of the songs of Zolle.

“It’s perfect for the chaotic times we’re living, a grotesque portrait of our insane and contradictory society.”

Rumore – IT

Children of a natural path, direct, compact, subject to the force of gravity. Impact safe with warm soul that does not end in the fall to the ground. Even the sketches are lost. In this contemporary, complex and indefinite, spare plates affirm the essential, appearing as furrows of land of the plain from which they come. Being broken, turned, crushed, chopped Scents and smells merge into a single mass of sound: Zolle. 

Italian 2 piece rockers Zolle are just fucking amazing.”  

Cosmic Carnage – UK

Zolle are an Heavy Rock duo with Stefano (Drums and Vocals) and Marcello (Guitars and Vocals). They play really LOUD. In the last 25 years they played (or are still playing) in MoRkObOt, Viscera///, Osso, Klown, Berlikete, Bacio Violento and others more.

Macello never goes in the wrong direction, noise and a certain cheerfulness are cleverly mixed together „. 

Artnoir – CH

Macello is a completely unexpected insider tip.”

Metal.de – DE

It’s a good balance between seeing the seriousness of things and not taking everything too seriously.” 

Arrow Lords Of Metal – NL
Hauptstraße 38
Herdecke, 58313 Deutschland
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