The Crazy Peace Of Mind

The Crazy Peace of Mind

Donnerstag 12. Mai 2022 @ 19:30 22:00

European Tour 2022

The Crazy Peace Of Mind
The Crazy Peace Of Mind

The band is currently on their first major European tour since 2018.

Alternative-Rock trio from Nottingham UK, formed in spring 2015 by Manuel Pena on guitar and vocals, Neil Pitfield on bass, and Manos Pardalakis on drums.

Their style is a fine cocktail of 90’s grunge/modern punk, 80’s alternative, and 70’s classic rock, all stirred together creating a very original and powerful sound.

The Crazy Peace of Mind European Tour
The Crazy Peace of Mind — European Tour 2022

“Pick Up My Gun And Run”

The band released their first single, Pick Up My Gun And Run in Dec. 2016, gathering great reviews and radio coverage.

After a long run of performances all around the UK, the band released their debut album in September 2017, featuring singles like Alison Brown and The Time Machine, which are presently been aired in several radio stations around the UK.

The Crazy
Peace of Mind
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Herdecke, 58313 Deutschland
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