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Mittwoch 26. Oktober 2022 @ 19:30 22:00

One-Man Band Steve Hill He has no limits. Anything goes!
One-Man Band Steve Hill – He has no limits. Anything goes!

One-Man Band Steve Hill
He has no limits.
Anything goes!

When it comes to one-man bands, guitarist and singer extraordinaire Steve Hill has no limits. Anything goes. He is the true exponent of a one-man band.

Steve performs standing up while singing and playing guitar, his feet playing bass drum, snare drum and with a drum stick fused to the head of his trusty guitar to hit the hi-hats and a cymbal!

Steve’s an overnight sensation that’s 25 years in the making. He’s an ambitious and raucous force to be reckoned with on the Canadian and international Blues-Rock scene.

Steve Hill – Hate to see you go

Rock, Country, Folk and Blues

A guitar stylist with a wide musical vocabulary, he has performed over 2,500 concerts in many configurations, from power trio to one-man band, from performing with Kent Nagano and the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra twice in 2018 to his latest project, Steve Hill & The Devil Horns which features a horn section, a pedal steel and a one-man band!

With 11 albums of original songs to his name, he has explored everything from Rock, Country, Folk, and all kinds of music, while continuing to fuse it all with his first love, the Blues.

Steve Hill – Rain
Steve Hill – Going down the Road feeling Bad
Hauptstraße 38
Herdecke, 58313 Deutschland
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02330 12676
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