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MATT HORAN – American Folk Singer

Mittwoch 3. November 2021 @ 19:30 22:00

MATT HORAN (USA) – American folk singer
European tour October/November 2021

Better known for being the front man of Black Folk band, “Dead Bronco”, which he founded in 2011, touring yearly around USA and Europe, having performed over 600 concerts, creates his solo project during the COVID-19 quarantine, in an improvised studio which he set up in his van, recording an LP offering 11 traditional and original songs. Horan, known for his signature vocal style, creates a “story telling” environment, transmitting passion and sincerity based on his own life experiences, tales about longing for home, death, and poverty. Mixed and mastered by Encinita, California´s sound engineer Tom Laveuf, who did a surreal job in capturing Horan´s sound in its purest state.

“Tears From the Mountain” takes you on a journey through the Appalachian mountains of the southeast United States, with a intimate and personal sound. Sincere music which relies on the bare minimum, depending solely on vocal style and acoustic instruments such as the banjo and acoustic guitar. There were many reasons for creating this project, Horan would spend time as a child at his Uncle´s farm in the Smokey mountains in North Carolina. That is where he completely fell in love with ¨mountain music¨ and his obsession began with the ¨high lonesome¨ sound, which is a very high pitched and nostalgic vocal style that transmits the pain and the difficulties one endures living in the mountain.

Another key moment was in 2017, when he was filming the drama/thriller which he starred in, ¨The Night Watchman¨, in Daisy, Kentucky, legendary coal mining town known for its “hillbilly” artists, that´s where he had the privilege of spending time with the grandson of his childhood hero, Roscoe Holcomb, who showed him the art of the old time banjo and also accompanied him to his grandfather´s grave in Leatherwood, KY.

The official seal of Matt Horan American Folk Singer is represented by a black bear who dominates the thick forests of the Appalachian mountains. A bear who defends its natural heritage and musical culture which is the root of everything.

Mattt Horan: Review

Als American Folk Singer präsentiert er ein Kontrastprogramm zum Punkrock seiner Band Dead Bronco.

Tears From The Mountain” wurzelt in der Tradition amerikanischer Folkmusik, gewinnt dieser jedoch neue Facetten ab. Mit mutigen und kreativen Ideen fängt Horan den unmittelbaren Sound der rauen Bergwelt ein und gibt ihm frischen Wind.

Sounds Of South, Germany

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