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Fog Holler – Best Live Music

Montag 29. Mai 2023 @ 19:30 22:00

Innovation meets tradition in bluegrass band Fog Holler.

Based in Portland, Oregon, the band features keening brother duo harmonies, rollicking banjo, sassy guitar, bowed bass, and ripping fiddle.

Inspired by a range of influences from The Stanley Brothers to Buck Owens to Primus, Fog Holler breathes fresh life into well worn forms like the murder ballad and the power waltz.

With deeply personal, sometimes tongue-in-cheek lyrics, the band pays homage to their classic country and bluegrass forbears by modernizing these familiar frameworks.

Fog Holler produced their first original EP Or Else the Sun in 2018, which featured a broad range of traditional American styles and established the band as a versatile artistic force. In 2021 they released Rocking in a Weary Land, their second self-produced EP, and earlier this year they released their first full-length studio album, self titled “Fog Holler”.

Exploring themes of self-reflection and nostalgia, the album evinces a distinct maturity that separates it from Fog Holler’s previous recordings. Described by two-time Grammy Award Winner Cathy Fink as “The next generation of the many shades of grass”, Fog Holler’s captivating tunes and coordinated outfits are quickly enthralling longtime bluegrass fans and newcomers alike.

Now based out of Portland, OR, Fog Holler has spread the joy of the high lonesome sound in the U.S, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland, and shared stages with The Del McCoury Band, Jerry Douglas & The Earls of Leicester, The Po’ Ramblin Boys, The Kathy Kallick Band, The Watkins Family Hour, Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands, and more.

The Poison Voice – Fog Holler

European tour Spring 2023

“The electrifying banjo-and-guitar-fueled Americana band named Fog Holler, aided by first-rate fiddling and stand-up bass mastery, deliver high-energy folk, country and bluegrass tunes with enough enthusiasm and foot-tapping fun to power a moonshine still and keep a barn-raising party entertained until the sun comes up.”

Petaluma Argus-Courier
Fog Holler – Live at Green Music Center

“I love Fog Holler. They aren’t afraid to tear it up bluegrass style, or make their own kind of old time music with clawhammer banjo and bowed bass. The next generation of the many shades of grass is here and I hope you give them a good listen! You’ll love it.”

Cathy Fink, GRAMMY Award Winner


  • Casey James Holmberg: banjo & vocals
  • Tommy Schulz: guitar & vocals
  • Noa Laniakea: bass fiddle
  • Lillian Sawyer: fiddle

“Fog Holler has created a wonderful EP of original Bay Area acoustic music. The five originals, including two instrumentals, allow each member to shine but still retain a sound that is uniquely their own. They strike a nice balance between bluegrass, ragtime and folk and use the somewhat unusual trio of bass, guitar and banjo to their advantage. “The Poison Voice” and “Under the Light of the Moon” are particularly strong as a hard driving bluegrass tune and a lovely instrumental waltz that features beautiful bowed bass.”

Jacob Groopman, Front Country
Hauptstraße 38
Herdecke, 58313 Deutschland
02330 12676
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