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Boris Pelekh

Donnerstag 22. September 2022 @ 19:30 22:00

Boris Pelekh - Indie Folk · Live in Herdecke
Boris Pelekh – Indie Folk · Live in Herdecke

Boris Pelekh’s flexible indie-folk stylings shimmer with psychedelic undertones, soul-baring lyrics and intimate incantations of love restored.

With an acoustic guitar and equal parts tender and surreal vocals, his latest solo project reflects the beauty and pain experienced in the journey of profound transformation.

This EP [“I See It Now”] reacts with the serendipity of each situation and the decisions I made in that moment”

Boris Pelekh

His latest EP “I See It Now”

His latest EP “I See It Now” carries a loose storyline of the way we try to make sense of life, particularly in the aftermath of a lost love.

The Russian-Ukrainian singer, composer and guitar player has toured the world as the guitarist of gypsy-punk band Gogol Bordello since 2015 and fronted his own unit Hey Guy for over 10 years.

Drawing on his travels, the idea of kismet, and his philosophy on dealing with heartache, I See It Now sees Pelekh shedding skin and dancing around the deadweight.

Boris possesses a vocal aesthetic that is at once beautifully somber but graced with a stark whimsy. Held up only by somber pretty chord shapes, the duo of guitar and voice is gracefully perfect, both quietly powerful and endearing.”

American Pancake

There’s a gentleness at the heart of I See It Now that’s impossible to resist”

Analogue Trash

Boris Pelekh’s flexible indie-folk stylings capture a new quiet in his life, even as he sifts through the difficult tropes of heartbreak, isolated ruins, and eventually, ego death”

It’s Psychedelic Baby
Hauptstraße 38
Herdecke, 58313 Deutschland
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