Birthday Girl

The Shakespeare · Pub Hauptstraße 38, Herdecke

Stockholm-based alternative rock band Birthday Girl have had a year which has put their name on the firmly on the European scene. After their opening releases received huge praise from Iggy Pop on BBC 6 Music and Cheryl Waters on KEXP, the band have beentouring all over Europe. Following tours with Glasvegas, Frankie and the Witch Fingers and… Birthday Girl weiterlesen


The Shakespeare · Pub Hauptstraße 38, Herdecke

The faces of angels transform terrible children. Thanks to a first album with garage-pop accents, the trio stands out and confirms the exuberance of their music live. A series of European concerts, and the making of a 40-minute clip, BOPS is now returning to the studio with equally ambitious projects. The influences of the past… BOPS weiterlesen


The Shakespeare · Pub Hauptstraße 38, Herdecke

Weird Bloom (Rome, Italy) — Psych - Folk - Pop — formerly Weird Black, is a project by Luca Di Cataldo. "The music of Weird Bloom is like an island that you don’t know if it exists or not. It is acid-absorbed ballets of imaginary tales with twisted sounds and distorted vocals. It rhymes and spiels. Starts, develops, ends, then… WEIRD BLOOM weiterlesen


The Shakespeare · Pub Hauptstraße 38, Herdecke

3Times7 are musicians connected through their love of soulful blues & roots music, they live and breathe it, from our travels around the States to the clothes they wear and the people they meet. Having crafted their talents over years of performing and jamming together, 3Times7 is now lucky enough to perform all over the… 3Times7 weiterlesen


The Shakespeare · Pub Hauptstraße 38, Herdecke

Dead Myth is a French trio created in 2018. They launched two songs early last year on the music streaming platforms: Love Awaits &Boundary. They draw inspiration from the psych garage and punk energy which will please lovers of Parquet Courts, Cosmonauts & DIIV. They shared the stage with L.A. Witch, Magic Shoppe then more… DEAD MYTH weiterlesen

Pubs bringen Menschen zusammen. Ein offenes Wohnzimmer für Jung und Alt. Denn Gesellschaft macht uns glücklich — People need People.“

The Shakespeare · Pub · Herdecke

“Pubs are the communal living room.
We need these spaces for young and old.
People need People.”