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Hikury Beach 2019

Hikury Beach – Europa 2019

Mi. 24. Juli @ 19:30 - 22:00

Hikury Beach Europe Tour 2019 Hikury Beach is an instrumental surf music band that fuses Latin rhythms with Rock and Funk. Formed in San Luis Potosi in May 2004, the concept was taken from the Silver Mexican cinema age, which was characterised by masked fighters and heroes, plus the culture of the ethnic group of…

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Live Musik und Veranstaltungen in Herdecke · The Shakespeare · Brewery · Pub

“Pubs are the communal living room. We need these spaces for young and old. People need People.”

“Pubs bringen Menschen zusammen. Ein offenes Wohnzimmer für Jung und Alt. Denn Gesellschaft macht uns glücklich — People need People.”