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Darren Eedens and the Slim Pickin’s

Do. 18. April @ 19:30 - 22:00

Darren Eedens and the Slim Pickin’s

Darren Eedens is a Honky Tonkin’ Americana inspired Banjo and Guitar player.

Hailing from Ontario Canada he now calls Cardiff Wales home. Together with his band of Slim Pickin’s, he uses his unique and powerful voice to captivate anyone within earshot. With an unmatched live energy, they share his views on life and more often death, shedding a beautiful light on the tragic tale.

Darren Eedens and the Slim Pickin’s

Darren Eedens and the Slim Pickin’s have been bringing fun energetic Americana to festival stages all around Europe and the UK, they have people up on their feet from the first note picked, right down to the absolute silence during ballads of love lost.

Having toured much of Europe for a number of years as a solo performer, Darren put together a strong band of musicians that also wanted to turn the idea of Country and Roots music on its head. They pack as many notes in tune as they can and have created an albums worth of music that will be recorded and released in April 2019.

Darren Eedens is proudly endorsed by Deering Banjos and The Loar Guitars.

Notable Festivals Include

  • Cambridge Folk Festival (UK)
  • Black Deer Festival (UK)
  • North by North East (Canada)
  • Vikedal Roots Festival (Norway)
  • Northern Winter Beat (Denmark)
  • Focus Wales (UK)
  • Hillside Festival (Canada)
  • Canadian Music Week (Canada)
  • Folk Alliance International (US)
  • Folk Alliance Ontario (Canada)
  • Muddy Roots Europe (Belgium)

Darren Eedens and the Slim Pickin’s

There has been a shift in the music of Darren Eedens, and with that has come a highly anticipate full band album. Originally from Canada, Darren has brought his Americana & Country influences to his new home in Cardiff, Wales. He has stuck to his roots of energetic banjo and bluegrass style guitar. Putting together a band of local musicians, now going by The Slim Pickin’s the range of influences grew, bringing David Grubb on Fiddle, Rhys Morgan on Bass, and Edd Clemas on Drums, traditions and rules were stretched and broken. Working together the group put together songs written by Darren, and turned them into the self titled (and first UK) album to be released in April 2019.

The album begins, low-fi and simple, with nothing more than Darren and a guitar. But as the opening track “31” continues there is a slow introduction to the new sound, with David bringing in his beautiful fiddle and featured vocals by The J Birds. By the end of the song, as the sound becomes more clear, the energy is undeniable with Edd and Rhys coming in hard and heavy to drive the point of the song home, and mark the change in the musical direction.

There is a blend of high energy banjo littered foot stompers such as “Don’t Trust” “On the Line” and “Rye Whiskey” that have made Darren Eedens & the Slim Pickin’s a staple at many festivals across the UK and Europe. The lyrics often fun and tongue in cheek of the latter are darkly contrasted by the lyrics in some of the larger ballad tracks that bring light to life’s often more somber side. With the fiddle introducing “Forget me Nots” as an upbeat and fun song of love lost drawing on country rockabilly style bands with the introduction of the telecaster sharing solos with the fiddle, and the organ through the choruses.

Drawing in influence from his own life and the lives of those around him, the tracks such as “Well, Well, Well” and “Hit the Ground Running” expose a personal struggle. The songs begin almost gently compared to the energy of the album. In an emotional development to a song like “Well, Well, Well” which starts out sounds like it belongs in a western film, by the end Darren growls out lines of questioning, as the band builds and has big powerful stops all while the fiddle cries over all. Where as “Hit the Ground Running” has a transparent honesty of someone trying to tell the world they are doing their best, using the stops in the music to help tell a story with silence, the song ends with a big sing along bringing The J Birds, and the band together vocally.

To show their diversity, and ability to take folk music in new strange directions the song “Whiskey and Bars” begins with a strong kick drum, and electric guitar with some sparse strums of the banjo. As the band comes in and the banjo line is exposed the song continues to grow with the introduction of organ and vocals. It is a beautiful haunting song to show the darker side. These influences are also shown at the end of “Come Home To You” a song that sings tales of being away and on the road in a fun dancing manner, only to end with plenty of space provided by the finger picking and plucks of banjo and fiddle, complimented by the march of the snare.

In the 5 years since the last release by Darren Eedens, this album shows the growth of songwriter and musician. The versatility and variety of the songs have you hanging on to lyrics and fiddle solos, while dancing along to the intricate banjo lines. You will be singing along and wondering how they pack so many notes into a track, but rest assured, you can catch them at a festival near you to find out and join the party.

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Darren Eedens and the Slim Pickin’s: Reviews

„In the Club Tent, Darren Eedens and The Slim Pickins gave us a good old American hoedown. It was fast and furious and no one could keep their feet still. Eedens, known for being equally adept on banjo, mandolin and guitar and able to get more note per bar out on an instrument than most people, sang a song while repairing a broken banjo string.“

“On his own he leaves audiences spellbound with his dazzling instrumental skills, startling old-school vocals (Imagine Buddy Holly sitting on a porch in the Appalachians) and tall tales.”
—The Blues Magazine UK

“Darren Eedens doused the crowd in ballads and other folkish goodies, with lightning fingers and quite a lot of stage movement for a man with such solemn lyrics at times – definitely a one-man show to catch”

“He was tearing it up with rapid strumming and mean licks, his sound was so rude, it was a breath of fresh; He sang bluesy tunes of heartbreak, and destructiveness, all with a voice reminiscent of Kristian Matsson of Tallest Man on Earth, and a hint of Dylan.”

“With an endearingly awkward presence, and fun bluegrass folk style, the most remarkable thing was his amazing technical skill.”

“When Darren Eedens sings, it’s like stumbling upon an old record at your grandparents’ house, pulling it out, wiping off the years and dropping the needle in the groove; the Harry Smith Anthology comes to mind.”

“Armed with his guitar and ability to tell strangely satisfying stories, Eedens will have no trouble entertaining”

“The audience kept their eyes on him the entire time, in awe of his banjo playing and stage presence.”
– I Heart Hamilton – BLOG


Do. 18. April
19:30 - 22:00


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