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Selfish Murphy

Di. 21. Mai 2019 @ 19:30 - 22:00

Selfish Murphy: Celtic-Irish Punk

Selfish Murphy: Celtic-Irish Punk

The band Selfish Murphy was founded in 2011 in Transilvania (Romania). The formation chose a style of music that was till then unknown in Romania, the first band in Romania to play Celtic-Irish Punk. In 2016 the band moved home to Hungary where they are now based.

Selfish Murphy: Current Lineup

  • Csiki Zoltán “Zaza” – lead vocal, accordion
  • Pusztai Lehel – flute, whistle, backing vocal
  • Péter Csanád László – guitar, backing vocal
  • Martinka János – bass guitar,  backing vocal
  • László Zsolt – drums

The method of songwriting always puts in aspect to transmit the unique feeling of Celtic and Irish lifestyle, the main purpose is to transmit the atmosphere of an Irish pub.

The majority of the songs are cheerful and easy to listen to.

Irish music from traditional Irish songs which are very popular all around the World —The Drunken Sailor, All For Me Grog, Leaving Of Liverpool, Wild Rover– played in Celtic/Irish Punk tradition. To cover songs keeping in trend with todays new classics —Avicii: wake Me Up, Hey Brother and U2: With Or Without You— in Irish Folk style.

These are supplemented with the bands own songs —Drinking Song, Drunken Bastards, Bad Girl.

Cheerful songs + Beer + Party = Selfish Murphy

To summarise the band can be described as follows:  Cheerful songs + Beer + Party = Selfish Murphy.

Concerts throughout Europe in 18 countries —Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherland, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark!

Selfish Murphy – Wake me up ( Official Irish Version )

Selfish Murphy – Hey Brother (Official Irish Version)

Selfish Murphy – Ireland’s So Far Away (Broad Jump 2016)





Di. 21. Mai 2019
19:30 - 22:00
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