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Nik Novakovic

Juli 17 2021 @ 19:30 22:00

Indie Folk, Singer Songwriter

Currently residing in Cologne, Germany is the gifted singer-songwriter and guitarist, Nik Novakovic.

Nik Novakovic

Having always held a close connection and deep appreciation for music, Novakovic first picked up the guitar as a young teenager and later went on to play in several successful bands such as, KandaKodzaINebojsa and StarfishPrime.

With such ease, Novakovic blends a variety of styles and influences to create his own signature indie-folk sound. From the grunge sounds of the early 1990s to the raw and raspy influence of Tom Waits – Novakovic channels his various sources of inspiration into his own unique style.

His voice carries with it a warm and deeply intimate tone, which makes him stand out in today’s music landscape. Every line and hook he sings carries with it a mesmerizing tone that can be experienced first hand in his brand new track, “Rocky Roads To Love”

Thanks to his soulful melodies and emotive lyrics, Novakovic has successfully connected with audiences from across the world as he continues to share his exceptional style and sound.

Nik Novakovic
Nik Novakovic

This is contemporary blues at its finest…
this is the real deal, a passionate journey through the trials and tribulations of love, loss and longing, a personal paean to a universally relatable subject.

If blues is going to have a healthy future it is people like Nik Novakovic who are paving the way. Fantastic!….

Dave Franklin — Dancing About Architecture

Rocky Roads To Love

A singer-songwriter, composer and sound designer with a penchant for indie-folk sounds, Nik Novakovic has become known for his emotionally charged blues ballads, floating indie-folk songs and soulful vocals… Recording all his songs in his indie home studio, Nik has carved a delicate path through the modern indie landscape, leading him to the emotive new single, ‘Rocky Roads To Love’.

Hitting with an instant blues vibe, ‘Rocky Roads To Love’ announces itself in style with a rich, lingering series of guitar chords and Nik’s calling vocals.

The single lays down a heavy and unassailable sound that connects with the heart and soul of his audience. A far cry from his grunge roots, the new single has a melancholic charm and raw, emotional sound that draws you in, balancing heartfelt sentiments with heavy musical anthemics.

Hauptstraße 38
Herdecke, 58313 Deutschland
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02330 12676
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Pubs bringen Menschen zusammen. Ein offenes Wohnzimmer für Jung und Alt. Denn Gesellschaft macht uns glücklich — People need People.“

The Shakespeare · Pub · Herdecke

“Pubs are the communal living room.
We need these spaces for young and old.
People need People.”

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