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Nevermind Nessie

Sa. 2. Mai @ 19:30 - 22:00

Are you ready for a party - Nevermind Nessie

Are you ready for a party?!

Nevermind Nessie has been discribed as the Belgian answer to Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys.

Credentials to prove how a Nevermind Nessie gig feels: dancing, sweating, drinking, singing and doing it all again from the top. Punk and rocksongs, heavily rooted in Irish and other tunes, traveled for almost a decade with the five piece combo across festivals and concertstages. Their reputation as party animals is proven by two well acclaimed records : Story of a Lost Generation (2015) and Best of Foes (2017). So bounce your way between the bar and the moshpit and have some fun with Nevermind Nessie! Are you ready for a party!

„Melodies aren’t simply imitated like other bands do – Nevermind Nessie used them to create their own songs, with their own lyrics“ …
„Again a very nice album by these Belgian Folk-punkers“

„Même s’ils sont à distance respectable du modèle Irlandais, NEVERMIND NESSIE a su en capter l’essence, l’esprit et la force pour le retranscrire de façon impeccable et fidèle.“
—Kaos Guards

„They have a young and fresh approach and they take risks when they cover material from non-Celtic countries. But, above all, their sound and production is excellent. They love the traditional stuff, but they don’t cover the usual pub standards. In fact, they are writing new pub standards.“
—Celtic Folk Punk

„Man kann förmlich hören, wie der Schweiss von der Decke tropft, während ich mich in Gedanken rückwärts hüpfend und im Kreis drehend durch die Crowd arbeite. Konzerte der Belgier müssen eine Granate sein!“

„Feesten, dansen, zingen en drinken. Voeg dit samen met een potje punkrock, en je hebt een liveshow van Nevermind Nessie.“ …
„De Vlaamse Dropkick Murphys hebben een nieuw album uit, en wat voor één!“
—Rock XXL


Sa. 2. Mai
19:30 - 22:00
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The Shakespeare · Brewery · Pub
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