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Donnerstag 4. August 2022 @ 19:30 22:00

Country Funk Project Freight
Country Funk Project Freight

Country Funk Project

Indiana Songwriter founding member of legendary Northwest Arkansas Bluegrass band Wildwood Jason Payton, is taking his newest rural rock and country funk project Freight on the road in Europe this summer 2022.

Plaintively poetic, Payton’s confessional songwriting is both uniquely American and timelessly universal. With the lilt of American hope, Freight mines the rich musical traditions of the Midwest and deep South, USA, and unearths a sound that is original and enduring.

American music is about exchange and conversation. and this touring group is an international collaboration bringing together diverse projects, and decades of personal history.

From the Stateside contingent, on lead guitar; Freight Co-Founder, in demand session guitarist, arranger and producer Liam Lawson. Colleen Countryman on Keyboards is a Professor of Physics at Ithaca College.

From the European side we have NYC songwriter Gregg Weiss and Frenchman Thibaud Pfender (of Iuteurki/Tildon Krautz) on Bass and Drums.

Gregg has been living in Europe for 15 years, and along with Thibaud has been touring internationally with his projects (Tildon Krautz and Iuteurki) since 2009. Gregg and Jason have known and played together upwards of 20 years, after meeting over music at a bar in Arkansas in 2002.

This Summer with FREIGHT on stage we might be in a bar, or a town square… But for that moment we will also be Chez Jason, sharing a drink, a laugh and maybe even a dance step or two. For certain there’s going to be the satisfied feeling coming home at the end of a very fine evening.

Hauptstraße 38
Herdecke, 58313 Deutschland
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02330 12676
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